Why Is Online Rich Dating So Hard For Men
  • After years of working on doctor dating sites, the most common question I hear is, "why online rich dating is so hard for men?"Aren't rich dating apps and websites designed to make it easy for online romantic connections to spread to the real world? Even sugar daddy dating sites are designed to make it easier for sugar daddy and sugar baby to connect. But when dating materials are compressed into cards and happily stolen, rich dating apps and websites are more like a game than a viable way to date. Like most games, there are winners and losers. If you're a guy who can't date, you lose.

    As it turns out, men tend to be less picky when it comes to online rich dating. But this leaves women with the impression that they can always match up and therefore date men far beyond their means. Why would a woman right-click on a slightly more attractive man when she knows she can mate with a very attractive man? This is just one reason why online rich dating is so difficult for men. Let's take a look at why online rich dating is so difficult for men and some solutions.

    Why online rich dating is so hard for men: filters
    Rich dating apps and websites fill women's minds with filters. When women are in bars, it's hard to filter out men. That's because there are a lot of non-surface factors at work in the real world compared to online rich dating. But online women can happily swipe their left hand at men who don't meet their standards. Apps or websites profile and categorize users until their personality can't be revealed. When women don't know someone, it's easy to make a "must have" list.

    Almost every woman has something on her must-have list: her partner must be at least 6ft tall, have a good job title, earn a certain amount of money, have at least a bachelor's degree, and we've determined that he must be very sexy. It sounds cruel, but can you blame her for picking and choosing when she accumulates hundreds of couples a day through various rich dating apps and websites? When men slide indiscriminately to the right, she doesn't have to stop. It gave her the impression that she was in demand. So as women become more selective due to filtering, how do you stay relevant?

    Eliminate filtering bias by letting our personalities shine. Rich dating apps or websites rob users of their uniqueness. Write a great profile that makes you stand out. Make humor your main factor. As for your photos, avoid redundancy, avoid taking selfies with your glasses, and go to a professional if you can to get some great shots.

    The shallow
    Even women who don't ask for looks don't click on profiles that don't have photos, which is a bit of an exaggeration, but when it comes to online dating profiles, it's all true. A photo is the face of online dating, while a profile is small print that many people never read. Although profiles define users much better than just a few photos, women really value photos more.

    There's no denying that humans are shallow creatures, but rich dating apps and websites make it all the more apparent. It also means that your user base will ignore your homepage and salivate over bikini photos. To be honest, the importance of having a reliable photo roster cannot be underestimated. So, how do you improve your personal photos to ensure that women will swipe directly on you?

    If you don't have any photos worth using and feel the need to build a solid profile within a few days, you have only one option; Hire a professional photo assistant. Today, there are photographers who specialize in taking photos of online dating. They'll make sure you don't look like a killer. Jokes aside, many of the women I spoke to ended up choosing not to date a man she matched because his picture made her feel unsafe. If you think hiring a professional photographer sounds a little nervous, or you don't want to spend money on photography, go through your photo library and find 15 photos that you think will be useful. Then ask your female friends to rate your photos and use the ones with the highest scores.

    False and inactive accounts
    Just because her profile is on rich dating apps and websites doesn't mean she's there. Leaving online dating doesn't mean deleting your account. In fact, many of the people you see dating online already have boyfriends. Their profiles are ghostly, as online dating companies try to keep up with their users. Then there is the issue of fake accounts, which I mean all the people who create dating accounts who don't plan on dating.

    In this case, certain rich apps and websites allow upgrades that allow users to see when they were last in love. If you do not access such an upgrade, you can check her Facebook account, which may be attached to the account. If the same person keeps appearing in her latest photos, she's likely to be chosen.

    Why is the courtship phase always harder for men than women
    You know, in the entire animal kingdom, females kick the can only be pursued by males. And women are waiting for potential suitors to impress her with dances, songs, money, cars, fame, comedy, recitation of every number on the list, and so on. If you look at the animal kingdom, the main task of males is to chase. Peacocks are known for their vibrant tails. However, compared to the male peacock, the female peacock's tail looks basic. We see the same signals in birds, monkeys and even fish.

    Women are often more choosy about their partners because of the nine-month labor process and caring for the newborn. Evolutionary psychologists might even argue that the main purpose and goal of a man's constant struggle is simply to fill the world with his seeds. Of course, women can't do this, because the result of sowing is to take care of a child for nine months and then raise the child. Mating habits change if parents' investment roles change. In some species of frog, males put more effort into protecting the lives of their offspring than females, who compete for male attention. The bottom line is that men are always competing for women. The cost is that men do not need to carry another life into their bodies for nine months, feed them with milk produced by their own bodies or repeat the process every time an egg is fertilized.

    Now that you know why rich online dating is so hard, what are you going to do? I have an offer, join our professional rich dating site, and I'll keep giving you advice on how to find and attract women online and in the real world. You will learn how to effectively ask a woman out, promote a relationship, and ultimately build a meaningful relationship. Until I help you find your soul mate.

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