Should I Date A Rich Woman Who Is Super Independent
Should I Date A Rich Woman Who Is Super Independent
  • If you're hesitating about dating a rich and independent woman, you should know that you shouldn't be hesitating and that you should actually be dating her. An elite woman with money can make a great girlfriend if she can keep her schedule full, take care of herself at home, and not be financially strapped. Here's why:

    She won't take advantage of you for your money because she has enough.

    She can provide you with financial support if you need it.

    She may be confident in herself and not prone to jealousy or interdependence.

    I know that some men may be intimidated by an independent rich woman or have questions about dating. Take a look at the following tips to keep your troubles at bay when dating a rich woman.

    Tip 1: independent women still appreciate chivalry
    In the past, it was OK for men to pay on a first date, but it was not acceptable for women to own their own business or live mostly outside the home. But now, times have moved on! Women are as equal as men, and they have more choices than ever before, not just to be a housewife.

    But as you progress, there are problems. In these loner days, single men are more confused than ever about what to do when it comes to paying the bills -- and nothing can stand in the way of chemistry like that awkward moment. Ah! "Who should pay? "The dilemma is that, yes, men still have to pay on the first date.

    Men and women should always be equal in the workplace, and respect should be the norm in all areas of life. But when it comes to creating sexual tension and chemistry in a date, you have to have a male/female dichotomy. If either party gets too close to the neutral center, the tension disappears and a Platonic chemical reaction takes place -- the so-called friend zone.

    It's very thoughtful of a man to pay for a first date, to show her that you appreciate her company and are willing to go the extra mile. Moreover, even if a wealthy independent woman doesn't care about paying for a date, a gentlemanly date can put you ahead of other men (because many of her dates go Dutch or even make her pay) and make her more likely to accept a second date.

    Of course, you don't have to worry about this chivalry causing a lot of damage to your bank account. On a first date, I always suggest something that costs no more than $15 (like a walk and talk coffee date) and lasts no more than an hour. Second dates should be free and active (like hiking or visiting a museum) and third dates should be when you can indulge in a big meal.

    Besides paying, modern chivalry is really all about respecting and thinking of a person. Pulling out a chair for her, opening a car door, putting your jacket on her if it's cold, these are chivalrous ACTS. Women -- even rich and independent women -- appreciate these things.

    Tip 2: your job is to craft attractive dates
    She may be busy, but you shouldn't be intimidated by her full and exciting schedule. Take advantage of it. Stay interested in the things she likes to do, and plan splashy dates around them. One of the challenges you'll face is arranging an attractive date that includes experiences she hasn't had before. Such as:

    If she likes adventure or excitement: consider setting up something adventurous and safe, like skydiving or bungee jumping.

    If she loves the outdoors: hiking is a great option, plus finding cool trails she's never hiked before.

    If she's a wine or beer connoisseur: try to find something especially unique, like a beer cooking class or a wine and food pairing activity or class.

    Whatever it is, it's important to keep her interests in mind and think outside the box. But when you figure out what she wants to do and ask her out, you must make sure you use a specific appointment plan, including time, date and place.

    Such as:

    "Hey, lisa, I know you said you liked adventure. Would you like to go on an exciting skydiving date with me at 2 PM this Saturday? '

    What are the benefits? Obviously, this is a purposeful date invitation that also gives her the exact time, date, and place so she won't be waiting for you to set the time. This way of dating will also attract a woman's interest, and it is almost impossible for her to refuse.

    Tip 3: it's good to recognize her extracurricular activities
    Don't resist the life of a rich woman, she has a lot of things to do. Like going on business trips or hanging out with friends. When a woman has a full life and many unique experiences, she can introduce you to many new things that will make dating her fun and adventurous!

    Tip 4: don't be intimidated by her
    One problem with a rich, independent woman is that men are intimidated by her. Because they often mistake the strength and confidence of these rich women for rudeness, which is an unfair assumption and the exact opposite of what she wants you to feel. But there's no denying that a rich and independent woman is really a strong woman, so she's not looking for someone who wants to be the doormat or agree with everything she says. In fact, men are often rejected by an independent rich woman, or one of the reasons they can't get a second date with her is that men act too easygoing.

    Studies have shown that being overly agreeable can lead to the following results:

    You don't seem very serious.

    Your compromise may be seen as indecisive.

    You'll act as if you overcompensate for something.

    Also, if someone agrees with everything you say, the results may seem a bit fishy. No two people are completely in sync on every topic. So, if you act like that, she might think you're hiding something.

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