How To Tell If An Elite Man Likes You
  • As the coach of the rich doctor dating sites, at least half of my female clients looking for love are asked, "how do you tell if an elite single guy likes me?" The usual answer is: if you have to ask the question, the answer is probably no. Another common answer is: I don't know... But give him time. Many of us are thinking "does he like me? But sometimes it's too fast. After the first date -- especially when you're with him -- we wondered if he saw the same thing we did. Did he feel the connection, you know?

    In fact, most men and women think differently. (big surprise, right?) Until they see enough evidence that you might be that person, they're well placed to stay in the information-gathering phase, not the result-telling phase. But that doesn't mean they won't make a decision soon -- they will. But the final decision may be that he likes you and wants to see you again. Then he can stop there. What should we do about this situation? We decide to like him, but then we might list all his good qualities and maybe make him a good boyfriend or husband. We replay appointments in our heads. We doubt ourselves. Then we started trying to figure out what he thought and what to do next.

    Meditation is a female art. This is how our brains work. So when you start down the rabbit hole, hold on tight and try to stay in exploration mode. Continue to gather information. It may turn out that you don't care if he's with you or not. The good news: when he's with you, you'll know. Real adults don't play games. When they are in; They're all here.

    So.. Do you want to know if he likes you? The methods are as follows:

    He wants to share it with you.
    When you're together, talking on the phone or text, he's willing to share what happened to him today, both good and bad. While a bad day can make anyone grumpy or upset, if he's willing to share the worst with you, he likes you. Don't be too sensitive. If he asks you how your day went and asks for your opinion, speak up. Maybe he can remember the name of that annoying person in your office, know what you like, and get to know the latest news about your aging grandmother. At the same time, he also tells you about his day, his plans, and in general, sharing his feelings may take some time. But now he's willing to share it with you, and that's a good thing.

    He tried to impress you.
    If you don't understand this, you might find him annoying. You may think that he ACTS a little proud, arrogant or stupid in front of you. He looks like a nasty jerk. But wait, this might be his way of showing you that he's interested in you, but you just don't like it. Like it or not, understand this and keep an open mind when you meet an elite man who is trying to present himself in front of you. Men generally don't try to impress women they don't care about, so he almost certainly likes you. He wants you to notice and like him. So, a different way of thinking, let him have his own time, for god's sake, resist the urge to compete with him, dear! Just pay attention with an open mind and heart and you may be surprised! That's another good sign.

    He tries to make you happy.
    When someone likes you, they focus on you. He'll start thinking about dates you like and start planning things he thinks you'll like. Or he's sure to ask you where you want to go first before every date. (when he does, thank him and suggest something you like that might not be common. Mountain climbing? Museum and lunch?) In addition, he may be nice to your dog, your cat, your family and friends. He'll even make sure your car is warm and safe. These may seem small, but they are important. These are men who let you know that they care about meaningful things about you. Look for signs and accept them gracefully! Then look at him gratefully and he will stand straighter and his eyes will glow. He'll be proud that you're happy and thrilled that you noticed and appreciated his efforts.

    He's always there for you.
    If you find that elite single guy you're dating is always around, calling, texting, emailing and asking you out. Even in every date is very punctual, very planned. Even if he does miss something and calls you in advance to let you know, all these good signs show that he likes you! Otherwise, he won't waste his time on you. Remember, he has a life (you wish he had, don't you?). At the beginning, give him some time to stay in touch if he needs it. But once he spots you on his "maybe she's a stabilizer" radar, he'll make it very clear that he wants to spend as much time as possible with you.

    Hey, elite single men aren't as complicated as you think. When they care about you, they act like regular men. When an elite guy is chasing you, you know there's no mystery keeping you up at night. There was no code in his email or phone to break. You needn't read between the lines when you speak. Similarly, when he is interested, you don't have to ask "does he like me?" "You will know. On the other hand, it's easy. When he stops doing these things, he doesn't like you. Good relationship needs two people's efforts, if he does not appear, then love will not happen.

    I want to hear your thoughts! How do you think these clues will help you date? Have you ever seen such a man on a rich man dating site? How do you feel?

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