How to Tell a Female Doctor That You Like Her by Text Message
  • We all know what it's like to have a crush on someone. Nervous and excited, all of these feelings are overwhelming, and you may explode in unexpected ways, perhaps not so eloquently.

    For single men who are looking for a single female doctor, there are many ways to tell her that you like her by text message. Some people like excessive flattery, while others like worship and dedication. A man tells a girl she gave him an eagle in his belly, and it apparently works. In reality shows, rugged and handsome professional athletes can say all kinds of cheesy and crazy things, but still win the girl's heart. But when we sweet-talk our way into the hearts of others, we mere mortals must understand the truth.

    While it's easy to get tongue-tied in front of a crush, as long as you remain calm and sincere, you'll be fine. Check out these tips for how to tell a single female doctor that you like her by text message.

    How to tell a female doctor you like her by text message?
    Are you sure you have to text? Really sure? Because texting may make you feel safer or more convenient, but it can also make you unable to read the other person's body language, listen to their tone of voice, or get a good sense of their feelings -- all of which are crucial when you're trying to flirt with someone. If you can, you really should talk face to face.

    However, in one survey, 75 percent of singles said they would rather text than talk to someone face-to-face, so if you like texting, you're definitely not alone. It has become an increasingly common way to keep in touch with people. Let the people you like know you like them -- texting, for example, can be tricky, but we've put these four steps together to make it just right.

    1. Ask her out.
    It's very nice of you to have come this far. You did it. You said it. It's up to her now. This is a whole new nerve-racking problem, right? In general, there are four possible answers. She may be enthusiastic -- she likes you, too, and it's all good! She may hesitate -- well, it's complicated, and there are many reasons why it might not be a good idea. She could say she didn't feel the same way - disappointing, but it happened. Or she didn't respond at all.

    At best, it's easy to ask her out. She's just saying she likes you, so ask her out for dinner or lunch, or whatever date plan you like. In the worst case, you can only withdraw and respect her feelings. Once you ask someone out, if she says no, believe her and stop pursuing her. If her answer is somewhere between "yes" and "no," give her some time to go back and forth with her feelings, and then follow through to prove that what you're saying is true. All it takes is a simple, "hey, I was wondering if you'd like to join me for dinner sometime?" If you don't get a response at all, you're probably hopeless.

    2. Get the wording before you click send.
    Whatever you do, don't prevaricate. Don't be someone who doesn't admit they have feelings. You need to be clear and direct about what you think and what you want. You're not giving her riddles or puzzles. I know it's scary to be vulnerable in front of someone you like, but it's the only way to know if your relationship is paying off.

    Bottom line: you have to find the courage to just say "I like you." "The good news is that if you're writing a text message, you might struggle with every word and comma. Check for syntax errors and click send. Or if you can't muster the courage or get out of your head, ask your friends to click send for you. In short, simply and directly state what you think.

    3. Give a hint or compliment.
    Texting "I really like you", "I want to be your boyfriend" or "you're my dream guy" is like dropping a bomb in a conversation. You can't go back and not tell. So you'd better make sure you reach your goal.

    Before you formally commit and declare your love, you should test the relationship with a few compliments. Say something nice about her style, sense of humor, or personality. It's easy to switch from "I like your lifestyle" to "I like you." This will help you gauge her acceptance of you. She might give you a little encouragement when she sees where you're going -- or she might try to imply that she's not interested. Try to pay attention to subtle cues when talking to her. If she's using these flirty emoji’s or responding to your compliments, that's a good sign. If she calls you a good friend at any point in the conversation, it means she's not very interested in you.

    4. Start a casual conversation.
    Make sure your text is casual and not purposeful. Usually, a simple greeting message will do. If this is the first time you text a female doctor, make sure she knows who you are and how you got her number. For example, "hey Anna! This is John. I got your phone number from a friend. Hope it's good!"

    Next, ask her how her day went. Maybe she is too busy with something important to speak. Figure out what's going on and decide if it's a good time to talk about your feelings. Remember, telling someone you're interested in dating is a marathon, not a sprint. I mean, you don't score for diving in. Don't suddenly confess for a long time. Don't blurt it out in conversation. Relax and build a friendly relationship before moving on to the affectionate phase.

    Summon up the courage to speak up!
    Go ahead, man. You don't need to confuse her with cheesy lines or exaggerated gestures -- just be yourself and speak your mind. As long as you are sincere and respectful, you will get a good result. Even if the answer is no, at least you tried, no regrets. Rejection can hurt, but at least you know you've done your best and you can find someone who will accept you. Not sure how to find a single female doctor? Join some professional doctor dating websites now.

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