How to Make a Male Doctor Miss You
  • You've gone to the best doctor dating sites and found a rich doctor to date, so you want to learn how to make an elite doctor miss you. You keep looking for ways, even trying every trick in the book, and still come up short. If you're really trying to do something and it doesn't work, it means you're not doing it right.

    Missing someone shows that you really care about them and their presence is not easily replaced. Here are 4 basic ways to make a doctor miss you. They work wonderfully when it comes to tugging at his heartstrings and making him yours.

    When we're apart from our partner, nothing feels better than being told that the person we care about is missing us, right? Whether it's your last date yesterday or a long-distance relationship a few weeks from now, taking a break is good for you and your partner. Because time away from each other not only gives you a chance to enjoy time alone or with your girlfriends, but also gives you time to reflect on the state of the relationship. So, let's take a look at how to make a male doctor miss you and can't wait to see you again soon!

    1. Move more slowly than he wants
    I mean slow you down and set the pace for your relationship. It's possible that you were just too fast and didn't control the pace of the relationship and he didn't miss you. If you give him everything you have from the beginning, and then have nothing more to look forward to, how can he still think of you? Many women believe that just because a man really wants to be with them, they should be available and available as much as he wants.

    My advice, however, is to apply the brakes and slow down. Not only will this give him a little space and a little desire for you, but it will also allow you to get to know each other slowly, which will ultimately help build a solid and committed relationship.

    On the other hand, controlling the speed at which things happen is entirely in your hands, which is definitely one of the secrets he'll miss about you. Maybe in the first few weeks, you decide to see him only on weekends and never spend the night with him. Over time, you might end up staying at his house every few weeks. As you get closer and closer, it's likely to happen more and more. But be careful, you should always be ready to take a break or go home after a date instead of going to his house. Slowing it down will only make him miss you more.

    2. Give him some space
    A man needs time alone. He needs time to think about you. This may sound ridiculous, but in my experience, a common theme in all relationships is that men generally want more space than women. You have to accept that men and women are different.

    If he needs a healthy space, you must give it to him and let him miss you slowly. You can encourage him to go out with his brothers and play basketball or golf. Even if he invites you, don't stay at his house every night. He's just like you -- he needs a little privacy so he can feel closer to you.

    Find something you can do on your own instead of looking affectionately into his face all day and focusing all your attention on him. At the same time, create your own little space and stay away from it. Trust me, the more space you two have, the more you'll miss each other, and there's plenty to talk about when you connect again. When the time is right, it will lay the foundation for a healthy marriage.

    3. Stop letting him miss you
    Hey, now take it easy. Relax. Don't try so hard to make him miss you. It's possible that you've gone too far, and that's causing him to move further away from you. So it's time to stop.

    If, when you're apart, you're doing the following, it's not the way to make him miss you. However, it's a good way to annoy him or even push him away. Maybe you text his friends to see what they're doing. It's possible that you tagged his photo on Facebook, even when he wasn't around. Maybe you send him a Snapchat every 10 minutes to get his attention. Or sharing pictures on Instagram with other men that make him a little jealous. However, these are bad methods. In fact, the best way to make him miss you is...Waiting for it.

    I mean appropriate waiting. You don't need to be constantly in his sights, reminding him of you and making him miss you. Instead, the less time you have around him, the more likely he is to reach out and get your attention. But don't just sit there with your arms crossed, waiting for him to miss you. Find something to do. You'll have a lot to talk about, and you won't be sitting around waiting for him to text.

    4. Be the type of woman he'll miss
    To make your man doctor miss you, you need to strive to be the type of woman he will miss. Here's a real example: Nancy and Peter, members of the best medical dating website for doctors and elite singles, are a couple who always have fun together. They laugh at each other and have their own language. Obviously Peter likes to be with Nancy because he likes this type of woman.

    Humans are simple. We either pursue pleasure or avoid pain. If, when he is with you, he is smiling, he likes your company, he likes to be with you, he likes to get your praise, he will feel happy with you, and he will want more happiness. He'll definitely miss you when we're apart.

    On the other hand, if your relationship is unhappy, in other words, if all he hears every day is your nagging about every little thing you do for him; He faces endless arguments with you every day, even though you care deeply about each other. Then he will only feel more and more pain in the relationship. It certainly won't make him miss you. In fact, he may choose to stay away from you as much as possible!

    So how do you make him miss you? You just need to be a great girlfriend and partner. Greet him with a hug and a smile. Make him feel happy with you. What man doesn't? Of course, if you have something negative to say, try to control yourself. Or at least spread them out so your man doesn't suffer a cascade of negative emotions every time you're together.

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