How To Change Your Mindset When Dating An Elite Woman
How To Change Your Mindset When Dating An Elite Woman
  • Are you looking for a date on millionaire dating websites? Are you nervous about dating elite women? Does the world of dating rich women inspire stress instead of curiosity? Want to know how to change your mindset when dating your favorite elite woman?

    Congratulations, you've come to the right place! I'm a dating coach from, and in my years of experience as a dating coach, finding a long-term partner in the dating world of rich people can be fun. Don't believe it? Here are my 9 professional tips on how to change your mindset when dating elite women. Over time, these tips will help you become more confident, so you'll naturally enjoy dating rich people (instead of worrying about it).

    Tip 1: wear something that makes you feel good
    First, start with appearance. You can spray-on some male cologne and pair it with clothes that make you look and feel good, which will make you feel more confident on the date. When you make an effort to look good and feel good, it can seriously change your dating mindset. At the same time, being in a good state will make more women respond positively to you.

    Tip 2: practice strength postures
    Men should be associated with power poses, including taking a strong, confident pose like a superhero pose (hands on hips, shoulders squared, feet wide) and raising your arms as if you're crossing the finish line, the rest of which you can check out here. Changing your body language can also help change your dating mindset. You don't have to do these poses in front of your date, but practicing them before the date or when you walk into a private area (such as an empty bathroom or bathroom stall) can help boost your confidence and reduce date tension.

    Tip 3: use mistakes as opportunities for growth
    If you make a mistake or have a problem on a date, let's say the date is pretty embarrassing, and guess what? it doesn't matter Nothing is ever done right from the start. Failure is the mother of success, and redefining failure as an opportunity to grow can actually make you more creative and successful in every area of your life.

    Tip 4: find humor in awkward situations
    If something embarrassing happens to you on a date, like you accidentally slip or knock over a glass, try to laugh it off instead of letting yourself fall into an awkward silence. Finding humor in some situations not only makes you more comfortable with her, it also makes you seem more attractive.

    One of my male clients told me that he once tripped while dating an elite woman, but instead of blushing or embarrassment, he made a dramatic bow. His date, on the other hand, found it so funny and charming that he turned a potentially embarrassing scene into a joke. Laughter is indeed one of the best natural medicines. The benefits of laughter include: relaxation; Improve heart function; Improve immunity.

    Tip 5: smile
    Why do I have to separate out "smile"? Because it really works. If you want to change the way you think on your next date, consider turning your frown upside down and opening your mouth to smile. Studies have shown that the simple act of smiling can increase confidence. If it's a fake smile, it's ok! Even a fake smile can reduce stress and boost confidence. And a smile is contagious, so she may reciprocate by showing off her pearly teeth.

    Tip 6: imagine the worst
    Prepare for the worst so you can react to a bad situation. Negative self-talk on a date is often the culprit. When we spend our time catastrophically and speak to ourselves in a negative or critical way, we end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that leads us to situations that are bound to go wrong.

    So, to change your way of thinking, visualize yourself in a worst-case scenario before and during the date (if needed) and practice positive self-talk. Instead of thinking, "I hope I'm not doing things that make her think I'm a total weirdo," think, "this date is going to go really well, and I'm really looking forward to learning from this experience." In fact, positive self-talk is very important for dating and your overall health, and has many benefits, including:

    Enhance the ability to withstand pressure.

    Boost your confidence.

    Improve your ability to face difficulties.

    Better immunity.

    Improves cardiovascular health.

    Tip 7: be curious about the way she kisses
    When you're dating an elite woman, the anticipation of your first kiss can cause all sorts of anxiety. You may worry about whether she will like the way you kiss, whether she will resist touching you, or whether she won't kiss you back after you've kissed her. But, I suggest you don't think: "I hope she won't turn me down when I kiss her." Think: "I want to know if she's a good kisser." This will relieve your nervousness and anxiety and keep you curious. After all, a first kiss should make you excited, not nervous.

    Before the date, imagine what kind of kiss you want, even close your eyes and imagine it. Wanting to kiss instead of fear reduces anxiety and may lead to better results. Also, when you feel hungry and confident about the kiss, she may notice it and want you more.

    Tip 8: join an elite dating site or app for help
    One of the best ways to change your entire dating mindset over time is to join an elite dating site or app and ask for help. Doing so can reduce the stress and fear of dating, keep you from settling for mediocrity, and make it fun. By taking the initiative and experiencing interesting things with a variety of different people, you will increase your confidence and become more attractive to elite women. Dating sites or apps will provide you with the experience and tools to help you eventually find a long-term, compatible partner.

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