A Simple Rich Dating Technique To Make You Sexier
  • Well, there's probably a lot of guys out there who think they know how to impress people. Perhaps he thought he could use his already rich, famous and successful qualities to attract others, because he was tall, dark and handsome. He can also think he's talented, if he knows how to be funny, or he can have incredible orgasms. While these do have a certain appeal, there's another overlooked trait -- and a way to impress others -- that the average man doesn't know: curiosity.

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    Curiosity means asking questions, being an attentive listener and questioner, and then following up can be more memorable and, frankly, sexier than all the so-called "impressive" qualities. Not to mention, when you ask someone a question and listen to what they say, you are treating them with a crazy little thing called respect. Imagine going on a date and being forced to listen to their accomplishments, hopes, dreams, goals, likes and dislikes for hours without ever saying a word. I'm sure you'll end up feeling tired. But if you get a chance to talk about yourself on this date with a rich guy, you think he might be interested in you too. By contrast, it was a good date, almost regardless of the person. This is because being curious on a date makes you sexier, not less. It's time to apply this logic to professional dating. From now on, if you go on a date and you don't spend a lot of time listening and asking questions -- not just being quiet, but actually responding to what your date has to say -- the other person might think it was a bad date.

    Of course, if you are really attractive or attractive, your date may want to go out again (or sleep with you on the spot). If the tone of these dates is that you are talking about yourself, making no memorable jokes and not letting the other person get in the way, then things will not go well. After a date, they feel left out. So, if you want to impress the next person you date, don't brag. Instead, stay curious and listen. Not only will they have more fun, you'll get to know them better. If you're not sure how to listen on a date (probably because of lack of practice), here are some tips from rich doctor dating site:

    1. Be quiet and listen
    While you should be curious, you also need to be quiet, listen carefully, and don't interrupt the other person when she's really talking, even if you have some questions, save them for later. Many women feel the same way: they complain that men don't ask them questions, try to explain to them what they already know, or interrupt them. To solve the problem, when she (or anyone) starts talking about something, just... Keep quiet. Don't try to improvise or just say, "oh, me too." When a topic is brought up, they know or care about the topic very well, allowing them to have their own time in the spotlight of the conversation. Sitting in the back seat for the first time was perfectly fine. When the other person gives you a chance to talk, start asking.

    2. Ask early and often
    As you listen to your date, seize the moment to ask questions that set the tone for the date and keep the energy going over time. Of course, this doesn't mean turning the date into an interview, it means you're going to grab on to what's already been said here and there, and expand on those topics to make the conversation longer.

    For example, if they say they work as a lawyer, ask them why they like it. If they say they like to travel, ask them which places they would most like to travel to and where they have been before. If he says he's a good cook, ask them what they're good at. In short, get your date to open up at regular intervals and talk about things they care about, without embarrassing things or using your impression to monopolize the conversation.

    3. Follow up later
    Interjections of any kind should be used to ask questions, as they will make you very sexy and prove that you are really listening to them. The average man doesn't even ask questions on a date, let alone focus on the whole conversation. In fact, no matter what you look like, how much money you have in the bank, or what job you do, or how you treat your date, it can have a huge impact on how attractive you are to them.

    If you temporarily put aside the desire to impress someone with your wit and charm and focus on them, you'll be amazed at how sexy it is and how much your date will be attracted to you. While some may appreciate the tall, dark, handsome cliché, they will compromise on such things if it means being treated right. If you can swallow your pride and have a meaningful conversation on the first date, then you are a good man. Dating is a two-way street, and you need to communicate with each other in order to have a spark.

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