6 Signs A Doctor Boyfriend Will Never Commit To You
  • No matter how much you want it, no matter how hard you try, you just can't get your doctor boyfriend to take things to the next level. Now you're looking for signs that he'll never commit, so you know if you need to give up on this guy or if there's hope. Whether you've just found a doctor boyfriend from some professional doctor dating sites and started dating, or have been dating for weeks or months, you want to know if you're wasting your time, right? So you keep asking yourself: will he make a commitment?

    Now let me help you. I'm a dating coach. I help women for a living, and if you want to figure out what men want, I'm here to help you. So allow me to take you on this journey, to explore the signs that a doctor boyfriend will never commit to you.

    It's always about sex
    If a man only has sexual feelings for you, he will never commit. Because now, sadly, any man with a cell phone can hook up with a woman pretty quickly and with little commitment.

    It's a sad truth, but it's something we need to accept. If you get ahead sexually in order to get a man to commit to you, you're wrong. You need to channel him with your personality and your substance, and really allow him to invest all his time and energy in you before intimacy. He needs to be worth it, or don't be silly. By the way, the longer you wait to have sex, the more likely your relationship is to last. Studies show that waiting three months significantly increases the chances of a commitment. If he won't wait? He won't make a promise anyway, so let him do it all! If you spend most of your time together making love, this is one of the clearest signs that he will never commit to you.Why is that? Because he just wants sex.

    He avoids any emotion
    If your boyfriend avoids any emotion in front of you, it's clear that he's not completely comfortable with you, let alone committed to you. If a man doesn't want to commit to you, he will avoid showing any positive emotions towards you. He won't tell you how much he likes you, and he will certainly avoid any conversation that he suspects will lead you to express your feelings for him. But here's another thing: if the man has absolutely no negative feelings, even if you've been together for months and you're getting along fine, honestly, if you're feeling down, there's something wrong. He doesn't want to fight with you. Every time you start a fight, he walks away.

    He won't let you into his life
    If you meet a doctor boyfriend who doesn't want you in his life, even though he tells you he'll give you everything you need to stay. But that's just cheating. Maybe he gives you a little more time when you complain that he doesn't spend enough time with you, but he just wants to calm you down. Or you start to get frustrated that he never takes you out to dinner, so fine, he takes you out to dinner. But he won't give you more than you ask for because he just wants to do enough to keep you, and he doesn't want to give the wrong impression that he's leaving.

    How do you know he's showing signs of never making a commitment? Think about how much you know about him and how much he lets you know about his life. Have you ever been to his house? Have you met his family? Do you know his friend's name? Do you know his favorite sports program?

    No? He's already shut you out, but you haven't noticed yet.

    He told you
    There are some people here, and he may not want to settle down yet, but he still goes out, meets people and dates. It's just that when he meets women, he'll tell you quite frankly that he's not ready to settle down. Think about it. Have you ever listened to your doctor boyfriend? Do you take what he says as a challenge? In fact, he didn't want to be a challenge, just wanted to tell the truth. If you try to change his mind, you'll end up getting hurt. So, if you're dating a guy and he tells you he doesn't want to date you, listen to him. No matter how much you want it, he will never promise you. If you continue down this path and think you can change his mind, you have only yourself to blame. Because it turns out you can't and won't.

    Trust your instincts
    A woman's sixth sense is usually pretty accurate, so trust your instincts and trust sexy confidence. When you see someone, you find yourself with this feeling: it tells you that this person is not going to stay, is not going to give you any commitment, that he just wants something short-term, and I want you to pay attention. Don't suppress this feeling, because you have it for a reason. Frankly, your intuition is usually smarter than your brain. Sometimes your body knows better than your mind that something is wrong in a relationship. So, if you feel anything wrong, pay attention to it!

    You feel like you have to trick him into making a commitment
    If you want the promise of a doctor boyfriend so badly that you cheat on him to get it, you'll never get it. Commitment is not about tricking someone or putting some silly spell on them to make them want to be with you. This is a serious matter and cannot be obtained by some trick. Not only do you want to give him your time, energy, and resources, but he's willing to do the same for you, and that's the best relationship. If you want to cheat them, it's impossible. If a man never seems to commit, you need to be confident enough to wait for him. But know that forcing or deceiving others to do so will do you (or him) no good. However, some women are still trying this. So, wake up lady, you want a commitment from the heart, not a forced commitment.

    Okay, so these are some signs that your doctor boyfriend doesn't want to commit to you, and see if your current boyfriend has any of those signs. In short, I hope you avoid the heartbreak of investing your time, emotions, and energy in a man who will never give you back. You deserve better. If you are in a relationship now, or if you find yourself in a previous relationship with a man who doesn't want to commit, I ask you to raise your standards from now on. If you start dating a man who shows these signs and never makes a commitment, then I want you to take a stand now and promise you'll leave right away. With so many elite singles dating websites waiting for you on Google, you're bound to meet the perfect boyfriend.

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